Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Chapter 1

A Day Late, A Shilling Short


The adventurers met at the Red Moon Inn in Ubersreik. Situated at the mouth of the Grey Lady Pass, Ubersreik is perhaps the most important town in the foothills of the Grey Mountains. It sits astride the road from Dunkelberg to Bögenhafen, which in turn leads to Altdorf, and its position on the Teufel river makes it the port of choice for people wishing to move their cargoes from the mountains by river. A recently made Free Town, it received its charter from Graf von Jungfreud nine years ago. Unique in the Reikland, Ubersreik’s Town Council includes representatives of the local Dwarf clans, as a way to ameliorate any disputes over mining rights. Ubersreik’s houses are mostly made of stone and timber, a sign of the strong Dwarf influence here. Its walls are stout, and connected to them is the great fortress of Black Rock, home of the von Jungfreud family and one of the Empire’s main defenses against invasion from Bretonnia.

The Envoy Valdorin recruited the wizard Beltaine and the Watchman Hendrich Marionson to retrieve a missing package that was due to arrive. An associate of Marionson, Rutger Abend a local Roadwarden was travelling with said package from Altdorf to Ubersreik yet he never arrived. The group departed to find the missing coach and found it outside of town, assailed by a herd of Beastmen. Beltaine chased the leader of the herd through the forest but the creature was much too fast and it swore revenge in a braying tongue. They saved Rutger Abend and met a curious merchant named Klaus von Rothstein who was in possession of the package. Rain and thunder fell from the sky and the adventurers took place inside the coach. After a long and heated discussion von Rothstein gave the package to Valdorin after receiving some gold coins from the wizard Beltaine. The coins were laced with illusions and the merchant would find his gold coins missing in a few days. 

When Valdorin opened the package there was an urgent request inside from his contacts in Altdorf to investigate a place called the Grunewald lodge for an eldrich artifact.  




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