Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Chapter 6


The adventurers recovered from the ambush and quickly made their way into the nearby Town Hall. They found the area to be full of books and tomes. Beltaine noticed a faint white glow emanating from the Shallyan temple aswell as a bright blue glow from the Town Hall. He also noticed myriad of colors surrounding himself. They pressed on through the chamber and tried to exit on the market side of the building. They heard a faint cough and clank behind them.  As they turned around they noticed a middle aged woman dressed in the livery of the Celestial Order standing in the middle of the chamber. "You are precisely eleven minutes and thirty-three seconds late!" Valdorin looked puzzled at the woman and quickly introduced himself. The woman introduced herself as Raina Weinstein of the Celestial College on a mission for the Von Bruners. She explained she was studying Morrslieb for the noble Von Bruners when the city was overrun. A strange sleep had enchanted her and she had awakened due to a loud bell. Before long she saw the city was overrun with Ratmen. The adventurers quickly explained where they were going and Raina decided to join the party as she had foreseen.

The group tried to sneak through the marketplace by hiding behind stalls but the entire group was spotted by a group of Stormvermin with the exception of Raina. The Stormvermin quickly surrounded Björn, Valdorin, Beltaine and Hendrich and struggle for life and death erupted.  Raina quick on her feet cast a spell that teleported her to the roof of the Town Hall, here she had a good view of the surroundings. She started observing the market square through her telescope built into her staff. Beltaine was being cornered by one of the larger rats but Hendrich quickly intervened and pushed Beltaine to safety, he landed on the floor but away from danger. It was then that Raina discovered a skulking rat on one of the opposing rooftops carrying what looked a like a gun-like contraption. She quickly warned her allies and pointed towards the rat. The rest of the group dispatched the final Stormvermin and turned their attention towards the Ratling gunner. As if on que a loud bestial roar split the sky and a Ogre-like creature bounded across the market square towards the adventurers. All the adventurers felt a bead of sweat trickle down their brow as the creature's mass got closer to them. The spell broke first for Beltaine and Raina, as one they started shooting the Ratling gunner with magical darts. Björn closed his eyes and wiped his brow. He told his allies they should go, "Tell Karak Kadrin of my deeds!" Björn charged the creature but Hendrich didn't listen "I'm not letting you go!". Valdorin sensed the tension and confronted the creature with the two warriors. He gave the beast a steely gaze and calmly proclaimed: "We've felled creatures far worse than you". The creature seemed enchanted by the fey-like gaze and focused it's attention at the two warriors in front of it. Beltaine wanted to end the confrontation quickly and grabbed the mysterious item from his pouch and poured his will into in. The energy he gained would grant him more power in his next magical attack. The magic was raw and wild and made him lose his concentration and cause him to miscast his spell. Raina saw various colors spring forth from Beltaine followed by a small explosion. She poured her will into one of her more powerful spells and lightning arched from her staff and into the air before striking the ground. One of the market stalls caught fire but nothing else.

During the fight Morrslieb pulsed with sickly green light and bathed the entire town in it's radiance. The entire group felt the dark presence emanating from the dark moon. The moon caused the Rat-Ogre to fight even fiercer and Grimnir's eye fell upon Björn as he was struck down and flew across the market place. The group looked on in horror as their friend was struck down and did not get up. Hendrich took Björn's example and stood his ground, Beltaine picked up Björn's axe and was ready to depart. Valdorin readied another arrow and Raina was confident she would live, she didn't see herself die today. Raina readied another magic dart and ended the life of the ratling gunner before it could take it's first shot. Hendrich blocked a direct hit from the Rat-Ogre but couldn't hope to last. Another hit saw his shield fly from his hands. He looked in horror as the beast threw him through one of the market stalls. He lay there unmoving. Valdorin looked on in horror as his companions were seemingly murdered by the foul beast. He readied another arrow as the beast charged him. He leaped back and shot an arrow as he landed safely behind one of the stalls. The creature charged after him and caught the arrow straight in it's eye, it fell through the stall but lay still. With the Rat-Ogre dead the group quickly checked on their friends. 

Björn and Hendrich were both in critical condition, if they did not get help quickly they would not survive the night. Raina surrounded her hand in lightning and cut a stall into pieces to create a makeshift stretcher. With much effort she placed Björn upon it. The others found some materials to do the same for Hendrich. Raina grouped up with Beltaine and Valdorin and asked where they were headed before they all met. Valdorin quickly explained their situation and told her they were headed towards the Temple of Shallya. A loud horn suddenly sounded across the city, drowning out the loud bell. The Horn of Magnus sounded loudly and drew the attention of many Skaven. Many of the Skaven sieging the Temple set off towards the Horn of Magnus. 


Chapter 5
For Whom The Bell Tolls


The adventurers awoke in the Red Moon Inn after a rough night plagued by horrible nightmares. Visions of his dead family haunted Hendrich Marionson. The Envoy Valdorin had a dream of his Dark Kin assailing his homeland of Ulthuan. And Björn found himself in a familiar place forging his famed axe, that turned into a horrible wailing woman shaking him from his slumber. Beltaine the Grey wizard was plagued by a different sort of dream, an omen of warning. The voice of his mentor Gavius Klugge spoke in riddles about tolling bells. The adventurers gathered and discussed their next move.

Marionson helped himself to some ale and Björn started cleaning his weapon. Valdorin set off to the basement to explore the inn only to find the basement door locked. Beltaine decided to keep his omen to himself and contemplated the meaning of the message. That was when he noticed a lone quill on a table moving on it's own accord, writing on paper. Interested and disturbed he quickly read the message. To his shock the quill frantically kept repeating the same words: run, run, run. Recalling his omen Beltaine warned his allies who looked on in surprise. Suddenly a loud booming bell chimed across town. Out of nowhere shapes of various sizes moved on the streets and rooftops. Valdorin spotted some of these shapes moving towards the inn, he quickly closed some of the curtains. Hendrich, a local to the Red Moon Inn knew there were only two exits: the front door and possibly the basement. As one the adventurers moved into a defensive position. Björn and Hendrich started working on the locked basement door while Beltaine conjured an illusion to trick who ever would attempt to enter the inn. Valdoring prepared his newly acquired bow for action.

Björn and Hendrich started hacking at the door while the front door was being assaulted from the streets. It didn't took the creatures long to set foot in the inn. Hindered by the Grey Wizards' magic the Ratmen tried to attack the adventurers. "Do you believe me now!?" Remarked Björn. Hendrich seeing Ratmen for the first time in his life redoubled his efforts to breakdown the door while Björn readied his trusty axe for battle. A quick and nimble Skaven made it's way through the inn by climbing around the obstructions and after being shot by Valdorin landed in front of him. This Skaven appeared to be not one, but in fact three Skaven assassins. A brawl broke out as more and more Ratmen entered the inn. The adventurers managed to break the basement door and quickly headed downstairs. Reaching the basement first were Valdorin and Beltaine. Valdorin noticed a certain magical rune marking a strange door. Beltaine recognized the rune as a rune depicting the grey wind of magic. With simply a touch he managed to open the previously locked door, revealing a symmetrical room with three more doors and a locked treasure chest. Everyone gathered inside and quickly locked the door behind them.

No longer could the group hear the Skaven or the chime of the bell. Beltaine quickly investigated the treasure chest and discovered it to be a chest marked with another grey wind rune. With a simple touch he opened the chest and quickly hid away it's content from prying eyes. The adventurers then tried to open one of the four doors, but Hendrich quickly realized there was no ordinary way to open them. Only Beltaine had the power to open the magical doors and the group peered through each door in turn. The first door was a narrow passageway with twists and turns, lit dimly by hanging lanterns. Vermin scurried away at their approach, vanishing into small cracks in ancient stone walls. The second door led directly into a wide section of a sewer tunnel. The stench was almost overwhelming. The third door led them into a mysterious cave. The air in the cave was cool and musty. Light penetrated shallowly into its interior. The group had to decide which route go, the Temple needed their aid.

Hendrich decided the route and led the group through the third door, he placed the treasure chest in front of the door to hold it open. Björn placed his hand on the side of the cave to get a measure of the rock and noticed a faint vibration. The four adventurers traveled the cave for a good twenty minutes and noticed the vibration was getting louder, until it was revealed to be the chime of the bell in Ubersreik. The end of the cave led into a crypt and Hendrich quickly accessed the situation and determined this had to be Morr's Field south of Ubersreik. He told the group this route would be long and was too dangerous to travel. The group quickly returned to the chamber with four doors. The adventurers took some time to weight in the choices of both routes and decided they would take the first door. They traveled through a small passage way lit by lanterns and it wasn't long until they ran into a group of Skaven. Björn and Hendrich charged the group shoulder to shoulder in the small passage. The passage was so small the Skaven couldn't surround their adversaries and were outmatched by the sheer brutal attacks from both fighters. Valdorin's first shot in the corridor hit Hendrich in the back, luckily the hit didn't penetrate his armor. Beltaine quickly stepped in to aid Valdorin with magical ranged attacks and it wasn't long before the adventurers defeated the ratmen. 

Ignoring the friendly fire the group pressed on through the small passage and emerged on top of the city walls. Hendrich was familiar with the area and knew this wasn't the best way to approach the Shallyan Temple, but the group decided time was of the essence and they descended from the wall to the docks. The group spotted many ratmen marching upon what looked like the Shallyan Temple and redoubled their efforts. They moved along the docks towards the bridge and witnessed the arrival of an armed regiment of Skaven making their way to the merchant area. Beltaine prepared a spell of invisibility for both Valdorin and himself before moving on. 

The adventurers tried to travel unseen past the Town Hall and towards the market square but were ambushed by a group of Skaven. The ratmen fell upon the four adventurers and in the confusion Hendrich was grabbed by a Hookrat who tried to pull him away from the fighting.  Valdorin shot the Hookrat slowing it's stride as Björn quickly charged after his friend. Beltaine's invisibility seemed to work flawlessly for the Elf Valdorin but he had some trouble moving around undetected himself. A couple of Skaven tried to attack him but seemed to only hit air as he moved through the group of attackers. Hendrich atlast broke free from the Hookrat's grasp and joined Björn in the attack. The Hookrat wasn't easily defeated and landed a critical injury on Hendrich, both fighters coordinated their attack to defeat the Hookrat. Seeing the large rat defeated broke the morale of the smaller ratmen and they fled the scene. 

Chapter 4
What Happens In Ubersreik..


After delivering Selena Bromme the murder weapon the adventurers set out to find some medical supplies for the temple. Hendrich developed a hacking cough that itched the inside of his throat sporadically, his health declining ever since he left Flip. Inside the the physicians' Guild main complex they ran into some people who were gathering medical supplies, they made sure they found their way to the Shallyan temple safely.

After that they set off towards the market square to look for food and other supplies to aid the survivors. They looked on one of the bounty boards for clues of what might have happened to the city. There were two notices that interested the adventures. One about a traveling circus and another about the Grey Wizard Gavius Klugge, that Beltaine quickly removed. They couldn't find any supplies of note on the market square so they pressed on towards the Butchers' Guild area. 

When they reached the Butchers' Guild area they noticed a putrid smell in the area. They quickly searched the area for meat that was still edible. They found a great many cadavers that sadly seemed to have been rotten. Inside the building they heard a sound coming from the courtyard. They tried to get closer to the sound and found a locked door. Björn heard a faint breathing coming from beyond and knocked his axe against the door. A gruesome fat, swollen beast roared and charged through the door. It's stink was everywhere and the cadavers slowed their way towards the exit. They tried to close the door to escape, even though Björn was ready to fight such a glorious adversary. In the confusion Beltaine threw a lamp they used to travel the street in the dark at the creature. Not only did the creature burn but soon the entire building. The creature charged through the door burying Beltaine and Hendrich underneath it. Björn and Valdorin attacked it with righteous fury until there friends could climb free. After a long battle the adventurers defeated the grotesque creature. After the fight some of the adventurers lingered around to find edible meat while others patrolled the streets. Valdorin noticed some black shades darting around the rooftops of the burning buildings. They quickly headed for the Temple to deliver their finds.

When they met up again they decided to venture towards the Aschaffenberg mansion, only to find it locked. Valdorin came prepared and used the key he procured from Lord Aschaffenberg himself. The building looked unharmed it was only until the group reached the inside of the mansion that revealed what had happened to the place. Servants lay murdered in their beds all over the place, Beltaine and Valdorin found the study room ransacked, notes about the Von Bruners littered everywhere. They left the building to investigate some of the Watchmen barracks and brought weapons to resupply the men and women of the Temple. After that they moved towards the Dwarf quarter and took a look inside Borgun's brewery. They noticed a dozen hairy corpses belonging to Dwarfs and Skaven alike. Björn once again told Hendrich about the Skaven threat but it didn't dawn on the Watchmen just yet. They cut a part of the tail to show the Witch Hunter when they heard a sound coming from the basement. It was the Dwarf Borgen who was hanging on by a thread. They managed to take Borgen and some of his finest ale to the Temple.

Weary and tired from the events they set their sights on the Red Moon inn. They tried to look for food and ale to bring to the temple. Valdorin quickly investigated the upper tier and found a Wood Elf bow, unsure who the owner was he decided to take good care of the weapon. Lack of sleep soon caught up with the adventurers as they rested in the comfortable and familiar inn.  

Chapter 3
Return To Ubersreik


The adventurers and the survivors of the Grunewald Lodge traveled back to Ubersreik victorious in their task to root out the evil of the Lodge but in the end lost to the endless hordes of Beastmen. When they approached the city of Ubersreik they noticed that the city was eerily silent. Some of the walls were broken down and it looked deserted. Hendrich was eager to return to his family and quite shocked to see his city so deserted. the group led the coach with the survivor inside of the city. When they approached the barracks near the Horn of Magnus the  noticed a large pile of Watchmen corpses piled together. A disturbing smell enveloped the corpses and set everyone on edge. Valdorin hoping to find any survivors investigated the corpses, Björn quickly followed him. Hendrich decided to quickly check on his family, Beltaine quickly followed him to make sure he was alright. Valdorin noticed something moving in the piled of corpses and hope to find a survivor he prodded one of the corpses with a spear. Without much of effort the spear was pulled from his hands and into the pile of corpses. Childish giggles could be hear from inside the pile of corpses as seven Nurglings revealed themselves. Valdorin looked on in horror as the children of the Fly-Lord sprang upon him. Björn wasting no time sprang to Valdorin's defense and attacked the daemons.

Meanwhile Hendrich and Beltaine arrived at Hendrich's family home. Hendrich ran to the bedroom while Beltaine gathered some materials downstairs. Hendrich found his wife and daughter only to realize they had died. Tears ran down his face as he made way to his son's bedroom. He saw movement as something as black as night jumped from the window into the night. Before he could do anything he heard a faint call behind him "Daddy?". His son was alive and he embraced him and held him close. The boy was happy to see his father and told him they would never leave each others side. As Hendrich made his way downstairs with the boy held against his chest, Beltaine recovered some tomes and materials he had left in Hendrich's house before they left for the Grunewald Lodge.

As Beltaine and Hendrich and his son made their way back to the coach as their allies Valdorin and Björn dispatched the gibbering creatures. Glad to see Hendrich and Beltaine they called Lord Aschaffenberg over to discuss their next move. Disturbed Aschaffenberg wasn't much help and wanted to go home and check on his servants. Beltaine took this time to use his magical sight to determine if there was and magic at work. He noticed a multitude of colored winds and a bright white presence to the east of the city. He described his findings to his friends and Hendrich told him that had to be the location of the Shallyan Temple.

The group set off towards the temple and ran into more piles of corpses, some of them that had strange weapons laying around. Björn deduced that these weapons must have belonged to Skaven, ratmen in the human tongue. Hendrich didn't believe him, Ratmen were just a tale to scare children.   Hendrich talked to his boy, glad that he was alive. His Philip, or Flip was acting strange however. He spoke of a Grandfather and that he would take care of him and his father. It was then that Hendrich noticed that Flip's guts were hanging out, and the boy didn't even seem to notice. He didn't see before, due to finding his family dead in their beds. But now he saw clearly that something was very wrong with his boy. Björn and the others mused that perhaps the Shallyan priests could help. They made their way to the Shallyan Temple and noticed lights shining from inside. They were halted by local Watchmen that Hendrich knew. They told the group that the survivors of the city were rallied by a Witch Hunter named Selena Bromme. Tensions arose in the group as both Hendrich and Beltaine were both visually uncomfortable with the idea of running into a Witch Hunter.

They still continued on however, the life and perhaps the soul of Flip was at stake. There were two heavily armed Knights organizing an inspection. Everyone who entered the Temple had to be searched. When it was Hendrich's and Flip's turn a brief and heated exchanged ended due to Björn's intervention. Hendrich and Valdorin were both summoned to the Witch Hunter's makeshift quarters while the others brought Flip inside and urged a priest to check on him. Valdorin was sent in first and handed over a bunch of heretical books found in the Grunewald Lodge. Hendrich was questioned later about his son and realized his son was past redemption, he agreed to burning the boy to spread his corruption. The Knight's picked up the boy and bound him at the stake, the boy cried and pleaded for his father to help him before the flames took him. When he burned a guttural laugh resounded from his lips as he mocked the onlookers. It was then that Hendrich truly realized that his son was damned, he had given himself fully to the Fly-Lord. The Witch Hunter told Hendrich and his ally she had a task for them, to check on the Lector at the temple of Sigmar. Not only that but the local Watchmen asked the group to patrol the city to make sure survivors would make their way the temple safely. The adventurers made sure Lord Aschaffenberg and his servants made it to the temple safely and they thanked them once again but not before asking them for one more favor. Lord Aschaffenberg wanted to know if his mansion in town was still in one piece, and ofc ourse if his servants were still alive.  And the priests asked their help in gathering some food and medicine from the city.

They then made their way to the temple of Sigmar where they found the body of the lector stabbed by a strange looking dagger. Björn remarked again, it had to be a Skaven. They quickly told the news to Selena Bromme and handed her the dagger.

Chapter 2
Welcome To Grunewald


Back at the Red Moon Inn, In a strange twist of fate a man named Vern Hendrich was looking for people to investigate the Grunewald Lodge for Rickard Aschaffenberg. Valdorin's task is clear and he requests the help of Beltaine and Hendrich once again. Beltaine is quick to agree after he finds a note describing his Master Gavius Klugge as a heretic on the tavern walls. Hendrich agrees to join if it's allowed by his superior officer and of course his wife. It is then that they meet Björn Alestorm who is drinking away in the back of the tavern. Hendrich and Björn quickly measure each other by having a drinking contest. Björn, already drunk from his previous challenge loses the contest. The onlookers cheer as a Reiklander defeats a Dwarf in an ale drinking contest. The group welcome the Slayer and Vern Hendrick offers them all employment at Grunewald Lodge in the guise of laborers.

On the road to the Grunewald Lodge they are met by an ambush of Beastmen, the same Wargor that fell upon Rutger Abend's coach leads the assault. The guards on the wall react slow but when the gate is opened they quickly enter. After arriving at Grunewald the adventurers met Lord Aschaffenberg. He hired the adventurers to look into a strange malaise affecting his staff. He believed something unwholesome was going on. Aschaffenberg did not want to alert the authorities or indeed draw any attention to himself at all, because he does not want to upset his new relations to various nobles in any way—their wealth and legacy are significantly greater than his own.

The adventurers discover the staff has been infiltrated by a Chaos Cult and find a way to defeat them. The group find a gruesome artifact in the form of a painting and sets the group on edge just by looking at it. Hendrich finds Kurdan's hammer in the Sigmarite shrine outside the lodge and Björn meets Olver Gand, the Hound Master. The task turns out to be a daunting one as half of the group is poisoned by the same malaise as most of the staff during dinner. Most people pass out on the dinner table. Olver Gand left the dinner table early due to the barking of his hounds. Beltaine passes out and Hendrich barely stays on his feet. Björn discovers a hidden area located below the Lodge itself and travels one of it's many hidden escape routes. He ends up in the bedroom of Lord Aschaffenberg and quickly rallies his allies. They discuss their findings and Valdorin discovers what set off the hounds, a pack of Beastmen have made their way inside. They rush outside to confront the Beastmen.

Björn charges in and Valdorin covers him with his crossbow, the Beastmen notice Valdorin and start flanking him. As Hendrich and Björn thin the Beastmen herd Valdorin was struck by a spear and lifted by one of the Beastmen. He saw his life flash before his eyes but was aided by Olver Gand's hounds. His allies quickly helped him regain his posture and they quickly made their way inside where they found most of the staff passed out on the floor. Other staff members were seemingly missing. They quickly followed Björn who leads them to the hidden area below the Lodge. There they find the infiltrated Cultists chanting before the ominous painting and Vern Hendrich. The cultists sacrifice Vern Hendrich and tried to escape with the painting. The group fought them but many cultists gave their life so their leader Gregor Pierson could escape.

The group followed Gregor Pierson to the roof of the lodge and engage him and the last of the cultists. Gregor Pierson chanted wildly and summoned a Daemon from the ominous painting. A brawl of epic proportions erupted. Björn felt the gaze of Grimnir upon him and rushed towards his doom. The adventurers fought the Daemon  until a blow from Björn threw the creature down to the courtyard, it seemed his doom was yet again postponed. 

They traveled down to the first floor and found Beltaine who saved Valdorin from a skulking cultist. Together they travel to the courtyard and engaged the Daemon one final time ending it's existence on this plane. They notice more Beastmen siege the gates and quickly gather the survivors. The Wargor once again showed his face as the leader of this army and quickly attacked the group with overwhelming force. The adventurers are forced to flee and break open one of the broken walls to escape with the coach. The Wargor, this time victorious looks on as the adventurers make their escape.

Chapter 1
A Day Late, A Shilling Short


The adventurers met at the Red Moon Inn in Ubersreik. Situated at the mouth of the Grey Lady Pass, Ubersreik is perhaps the most important town in the foothills of the Grey Mountains. It sits astride the road from Dunkelberg to Bögenhafen, which in turn leads to Altdorf, and its position on the Teufel river makes it the port of choice for people wishing to move their cargoes from the mountains by river. A recently made Free Town, it received its charter from Graf von Jungfreud nine years ago. Unique in the Reikland, Ubersreik’s Town Council includes representatives of the local Dwarf clans, as a way to ameliorate any disputes over mining rights. Ubersreik’s houses are mostly made of stone and timber, a sign of the strong Dwarf influence here. Its walls are stout, and connected to them is the great fortress of Black Rock, home of the von Jungfreud family and one of the Empire’s main defenses against invasion from Bretonnia.

The Envoy Valdorin recruited the wizard Beltaine and the Watchman Hendrich Marionson to retrieve a missing package that was due to arrive. An associate of Marionson, Rutger Abend a local Roadwarden was travelling with said package from Altdorf to Ubersreik yet he never arrived. The group departed to find the missing coach and found it outside of town, assailed by a herd of Beastmen. Beltaine chased the leader of the herd through the forest but the creature was much too fast and it swore revenge in a braying tongue. They saved Rutger Abend and met a curious merchant named Klaus von Rothstein who was in possession of the package. Rain and thunder fell from the sky and the adventurers took place inside the coach. After a long and heated discussion von Rothstein gave the package to Valdorin after receiving some gold coins from the wizard Beltaine. The coins were laced with illusions and the merchant would find his gold coins missing in a few days. 

When Valdorin opened the package there was an urgent request inside from his contacts in Altdorf to investigate a place called the Grunewald lodge for an eldrich artifact.  



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